Saturday, May 2, 2015

MAY 2, 2015 Minor BBB Update FYI 

Updated BBB Info is below.  Checking in today at their site finds they are back at an A+ rating but still have a massive number of complaints.  You might wonder how this happens, consider that ATT has been a dues paying member since Nov 1952 and you have your answer.

From my own personal observations over the years I have noted that BBB members have little to worry about in ratings and in fact have written about the BBB many times and often refer to them as 'The Better Cover Up Bureau'. 

Dues paying members will be A+ until Hell freezes over.

ATT U-Verse Complaint Resolution Log (20,252 total complaints)

Complaint resolved with BBB assistance (17,947 complaints)

Complaint Type   /  Total Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues 1,327
Billing / Collection Issues 9,906
Delivery Issues 215
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 55
Problems with Product / Service 8,749

Total Closed Complaints   20,252

See the BBB site at:

Recently the BBB has published redacted case files showing the actual complaints and the response.  Read a few hundred and find out just how badly ATT sucks.